How To Get the Old Land Revenue Record In Just Minutes

How To Get the Old Land Revenue Record In Just Minutes

Old Land Revenue Record: Excerpts of 7/12 in the revenue record Get the Old Land Record in Just Minutes Village Sample No. 7 will now have a map of the land along with the details of ownership For the first time after 75 years, the change has taken place in Vadodara. Village Sample No. 7 will now have a map of the land with details of ownership. Village Sample No. 12 will now have the names of the owner along with the crops The good 7/12 online download free to your mobile end computer the government website is subject.

How To Get the Old Land Revenue Record In Just Minutes

The 7-12 deduction, which is considered to be the main source of land revenue, has now been differentiated. This is the first time in more than three years since the commencement of revenue records that the state government has made changes. In addition to separating the slopes 9 and 12, land maps will also be given along with ownership right in village sample number 3. Full details of the history of any land are contained in the extract of Village Sample No. 5-12 and in the Charter of Village Sample No. 2. This extract, which is very important for the revenue record, is being updated from time to time by the State Government to ensure that it is not tampered with.

Under which all these documentary records which were earlier in the possession of Talati according to the revenue area of ​​the land have been taken under the control of Mamlatdar and computerized since the year 2005. After which now all the village sample number 3 notes from 181 to 2006 are being scanned and computerized with the help of special software. With this process, work has been started in the direction of showing the land map in the transcript of village sample number 3 by separating the village sample number 9-12 showing the details of land ownership.

As a part of which, the extracts of 9 and 12 of all the villages of the city and district have now been separated. This is the first time in a long time since the commencement of land revenue records that this has been modified. What is the transcript of village sample number 2 ..? Village Sample No. 2 shows the survey number of the land of that village or area and its type of authority. In which the effect of any change in the right of ownership along with the area of ​​land is also seen.

The note number of this change is found in village sample 3. While the details of the calculation with the right of ownership and the effect of other government orders or other changes are seen in the second right. What is the transcript of village sample number 12 ..? Earlier, in the lower part of Village Sample No. 3, in Village Sample No. 12, the water sheet i.e. the details of the cultivation done every year and its crop were shown. But now in the new system the village sample number 12 is separated and the land number, the account number of the owner, the area, the names of the occupants and the details of the crop done in the field and the area of ​​the crop are also shown.

All lands will be re-surveyed by GPS system. Currently land maps were prepared during the British rule. The government has decided to re-survey all the lands. For Village your home network first check your internet connection here to your 7/12 online download the government website for more details please check.

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