Gujarat School Opening In Today News Report Date: 26/10/2020 :

Gujarat School Opening In Today News Report Date: 26/10/2020 : While schools have been closed since March due to the Koro epidemic, sources said the state government had finally decided to start schools after Diwali, i.e. from November 8. Physical schools will be started but online education will also continue. In which parents will be given the option, whether they want to send their children to school or teach online.

Gujarat School Opening In Today News Report Date: 26/10/2020

According to sources, there will be strict adherence to social distance in starting schools. Students' attendance at school will also be kept at 50% on any given day. That is, students will be called to school in turn. Suppose that even if most parents want to send their children to school, only 90% of the children will be admitted to the school on that day. It may be mentioned here that a round of meeting has been completed to consult with the school administrators. A series of meetings are going on with all the people concerned. Recently a meeting was held between the top officials of the state education department and the officials of the health department on the matter of starting schools.

In the first phase, it is quite possible to start Std. 5 to 12 and also from 8 to 9

Sources have said that the education department will start Std. 9 to 12 schools in the first phase. However, along with high school, schools of standard 6 to 8 will also be started in the primary section. Because, upper primary and higher secondary schools, teachers and students are all three different. Therefore, the Department of Education has made full preparations to start upper primary schools as well. However, classes of Std.

50% attendance will be demanded

As per the rules of the education department, it is mandatory for a child to have 50% attendance in school. But this year the rule will be scrapped. The decision to send children to school in schools starting after the day will be taken by the parents and not the teacher or the principal. Apart from this, 90 per cent attendance is not possible as students have to be called to the school from time to time.

Schools should not be blamed if a student is infected: Administrators

The opinion being expressed by the administrators regarding the commencement of schools is that the commencement of schools is welcome. But if a student is infected, the blame should not be placed on the schools.

Preparing to open schools with these four issues
  • Government plans to start schools from November 9
  • Planning to start classes 9 to 12 in the first phase and 6 to 8 in the primary
  • Even if the parents are ready to send their children to school, only 30 per cent entry will be given every day
  • Only the parents can decide whether to send the child to school or not
  • Excerpts from SoP's draft of starting schools
Important like

Mandatory arrangement of hygiene and sanitation in the school
  • Maintain a distance of 5 feet between baby seating arrangements
  • Adherence to social distance in students during school entry and exit
  • Adhere to social distance in transporting children to and from school
  • Strict adherence to government guidelines
  • Administrators will have to call different classes of students at different times
  • A separate weekly calendar for each class for attendance
  • The student cannot be compelled to attend school compulsorily
  • Schools with large numbers of students will have to make two short shifts
  • Schools will also have to reduce teaching time to less than 5 hours
  • No school ceremonies, gatherings or meetings
  • Meetings with parents must also be done online
  • All the rules and protocols of the guideline must be followed if any student or staff in the school comes up with a positive corona.